Experts in DJ Equipment For You

Without a doubt the best DJ equipment manufacturers all jumped into production of players and controllers to exploit the amazing way high-tech DJ gear can slice and dice the beats to create sounds that go way beyond the limitations of vinyl. But then so did the worst! Yes, there is a downside to controllers that are software specific because simply they’re not always compatible with other programs. So if you need a controller to work with a wide range of different software then you should take a look at software-agnostic controllers that use a range of different software types and are MIDI-compliant.

By far the smartest way is to research as much as you can about the different DJ controllers, interfaces, hardware and software, but if you want a quick choice then Native Instruments Traktor have gained a justified high reputation for those who want and know how to get the best DJ equipment possible. Native Instruments was one of the first companies to focus on hardware and software integration and that’s only the start as to why they can be trusted and are leading the field. They introduced compatible software with increasingly more capable controllers so both their Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro have reached the accolade of realising the most important DJ performance and production software around.

If you can afford it and you really do want the best DJ equipment around then go for the Traktor Scratch Pro because it works with Traktors proprietary DVS digital vinyl systems as well as DJ controllers. You can even set up this kit to single timecode and use one player to play two decks from your laptop. You have to know what you’re doing and there’s loads of setup blogs around you can read about. One thing before you splash your cash on what you think is the best equipment for beginner deejays is to know you need to use any laptop provided it’s Core i5 or i7 - it’s a good recommendation never to use any laptop below i5 because it can crash during your gig - another story this, but got to say you got the best controller make sure you get a laptop that's powerful.